Monday, February 4, 2013

the beginning

I have no idea what to blog about. I tried writing about my kids but it didn't feel right. Not that i don't love my kids, but it felt forced, like i was making myself blog about them. Then i tried writing about my workouts and weight loss but no one really wants to hear about that. it's boring. Even to me it's boring and i'm the one doing it! So i decided just to let the blog go go where it wants to. I'm doing so many things these days even though it feels like i do nothing. I read, i write, i play with my kids, i work, i love my husband ;), i run the house hold. I"m a fairly busy girl. I also decided to write a book this year. A friend of mine wrote a book and it's really good. (Her name is Erica Cope and the book is called Lark so go to good reads and mark it as 'to-read').
I've been wanting to write a book my whole life (well since i could write and discovered i was capable) but I never realized that i COULD write a book. I've started many storties, but I've always been derailed by the fact that it could take years and years to ever get published and may not even get published so all my hard work would have been wasted. Plus, i tend to be really hard on myself and i'm actually kind of a reserved person and i find it hard open myself up and let people see the real me. I feel that my writing is very personal (most people's writing is) and i tend to draw from my own experiences even though the stories don't end the way they might have in real life.
So, this blog maybe will be rambling and the posting stories (complete or not complete) from time to time. If you like it please follow, if not, then that's fine too :).

So, that's it for now. Here's a funny picture I took of an owl at my brother's house. :)

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