Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The new me!

I'm writing a book. It's going to be published early April of this year!  I'm super excited about it.  It's been a long process but I decided I wanted to be a published author before I turned 30 (which is in 3 months!).  I've been writing intentionally now for the past two years and I finally decided to make something of it.  I guess I've always wanted to write, I just never thought I could.  But thanks to a small group of friends who have encouraged me to make it happen it finally is! I'll be updated this blog more often now with more short stories and excerpts from my book and any up coming books I might have.

My first book is called We Were Us and it's a sweet little love story between Josh and Jenna. Here's the blurb:

When Jenna returns to the small town she was forced to leave over a year ago after her drug dealing mother was found in bed with the mayor, she wasn’t sure what to expect.  She is perfectly content waiting out the summer alone until she can return to college in the fall.     
What she doesn’t expect was to rekindle her relationship with Josh.
Josh doesn’t judge her like everyone else does and never did.  He gets her.  When he shows up at her door every night just to see her, Jenna opens up to him like she’d never been able to before.  And the more time she spends with him, the more she realizes she is falling for him. 

When someone in town spots the two of them together, rumors fly and her already uncomfortable existence in the town takes a turn for the worse.  Jenna realizes she’ll never belong here and decides to leave and never look back.  Josh convinces her to stay because there is something that she doesn’t know--something that could change everything. 

And here's the cover done by Cover to Cover Designs.

I have another book planned for this year so I hope I can get everything done!  

Stay tuned for more fun and exciting stuff from me!

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